Russian Festival Matryoshka 2010

Natasha C. (#7)


Hi, my name is Natasha.

My name is Natasha. I am 27 years old. I was born and raised in Ukraine, Luhanks. I am in Canada for 11 months.

Yoga, jogging, rollerblading, swimming, gym, aerobics, weight lifting, tennis, skiing are my passion. USA, Malaysia, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Moldova, Rumania, Egypt, Dominican Republic are countries that I have visited so far. My dream destinations are Tibet, China, Maldive Island and the rest of the world.

I love life. My interest in life is learning and enjoying every experience that teaches me and gives me an opportunity to be a better person. Another very important interest of mine is challenging my body physically and mentally. Spiritual beauty, which is the essence of every person, and an intellectual capacity make me feel complete.

I enjoy reading, especially on the topics of hotel industry, communications and interpersonal effectiveness and self-advance. I am striving to one day become a successful businesswoman with my own hotel. I believe that hard work and devotion are the only keys to success.

I think my personality, charisma as well as my values and principles in life make me a unique person. I am consciously aware of the balance that must exist between physical and spiritual beauty. Learning about yourself is the best thing you can ever experience and yeah, I forgot to mention some small basics things:

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