Russian Festival Matryoshka 2010

Alina B. (#13)


Hi, my name is Alina.

I am 18 years old. I was born in Turkmenistan - Middle Asia, but most of my life lived in Moscow, Russia. I moved to Canada 4 years ago and that has been 4 amazing years for me. I met my wonderful friends and now I am studying to become a police officer and serve peace and justice in Toronto. I also, love sports, especially swimming. I used to swim for professional swim team in Turkmenistan and Russia and participated in many competitions with very good results. When I have free time I love spending it with my family and friends.

Why I want to participate in Miss Matryoshka 2006 is because ever since I came to Toronto I always wanted to participate in this contest and see if I can actually do it and now that I�ve got this amazing chance, I will go for it all the way!

Why I think I will win is because I am a competitive, confident and intelligent young woman and I think that if you truly believe in someting then it will always come true and I truly believe I can do it and win Miss Matryoshka 2006.

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